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Guide to Google Storage

Google provides 15GB of free storage for personal accounts that can be used to store messages for future reference. The free storage space extends to 30GB in cases where the account is opened through school or work. This storage pace is shared across Google drive and Google+ photos which are services provided upon opening a Gmail account. The storage space stores the messages, attachments in the email including all items in the spam and trash folders. Files in the drive such as videos, images and documents that are not created using the Google docs, sheets and slides. The storage space also includes the photos that are uploaded on Google+. Shared files and Google sheets, slides and drawings are not stored in your storage space.

Determining the amount of storage space in use

While logged in to your account, access the inbox. Check at the bottom left corner of the page the space used is displayed in the form of percentage and also the number of GBs in use out of the total space available. You can also determine the storage space from the drive, access the Google drive and on the left column the storage space is displayed below the Bin. Hovering over the link shows a breakdown of the space used for files in drive, email and photos.

Managing your storage space

Google offers the option of buying more storage space to add onto the free storage space available in cases where you have used up your free space. To buy more storage space from your Gmail account click on settings and on the bottom left corner where it displays the amount of storage space in use click on manage, this will open a window showing the space available and additional icons showing the amount of space one can purchase together with the price for each.

Another option to create space in your Gmail account is to delete old items that you don’t require anymore such as mails and Google+ photos. To delete items such as emails first you have to identify the criteria you will use for selecting the mails that can be termed as useless. These could be mails from a specific person or emails that were received within a period of time or even mails with about a certain subject. The search text box above the inbox can be used to search for mails by typing the keyword that you want to base your search on whether name of a sender, year the mails were sent or even mails related to a certain subject.