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The Gmail Security Checklist

Security is one of the most important features that a mailing program should guarantee. Gmail ensures that your confidentiality is not compromised by providing a checklist that can be used to ensure that the user’s information is protected from access by unwarranted parties.

Below are the various steps are user should put in check to ensure their information is not compromised:


Always ensure you use unique passwords for your online accounts. It’s a good practise to use a long password which contains various symbols and letters that will make it hard for hackers to guess. It is also advisable to be changing your password after a period of time.

Checking your account regularly for any suspicious activity

Always ensure you regularly review your recent activity page to see if there are any suspicious logins with devices you don’t own or locations you have never been too. In case of any of the above change your password immediately.

Keep your device virus free

Ensure your pc or phone is always scanned for malwares or virus programs. Also ensure regular updates of programs provided by your operating systems to ensure you have up to date protection as some contain important security updates.

Keep your Browser updated

This ensures that the latest security updates by the browser are in place this will reduce the possibility of your email being hacked.

Turn on 2 step verification

This gives you the option of protecting your Gmail account with your phone rather that the password only. This ensures that when someone gets their hands on to your password they will not be logged in unless they have a code that is usually sent to your phone during log in.

Always refrain from filling online forms that request your details and passwords

This will ensure your personal details are not submitted to otherwise unscrupulous people with ill motives. Some fraudsters also use Google brand to undertake fraud related activities. Ensure you don’t click on ads or buy products from sites that you are sure if they are safe.

Always keep tabs on the programs and services authorised to access your Google account data

Some websites and plug-ins always request permission to access your account data. Ensure that these services are authentic and provide a way to protect your information as the Google security policy doesn’t guarantee security of these apps. If these services and apps are compromised they may also compromise your Gmail password. Also ensure you log out when you use a shared computer to access your emails.