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Guide to Gmail Web user Interface

In this guide various email functions that are provided by the Gmail web interface from the basic function t the more complex functions and even basic keyboard shortcuts for performing various tasks.

The inbox

This is one of the most important features of a mail service program. This shows all the received messages and their replies a feature which enables people to view emails as a conversation for easier follow up.

Compose mail button

This is used to launch the textbox within which the user types the message to send to recipient. On clicking a window is displayed with the contact textbox, Subject textbox and the message textbox. On the contact textbox the user enters the email of the recipient then the subject on the subject textbox then types the message to be sent on the message text box.


This feature enables the user to continue writing an email they had composed earlier but was not sent for some reason. Although Gmail automatically saves a copy of the email when composing it after a small time interval the user can decide to save the email by pressing the save now button below the compose textbox. The email automatically disappears on the drafts folder when it is sent.

Sent mail

This label shows the mails one has sent to other recipients. It is useful in separating the mails sent from the one you have received as opposed to the inbox which shows a stack of conversations.


This label usually contains options like trash and spam. It normally contains options that are not mainly used in mailing. To add an option in the more label can be achieved by dragging and dropping it the folder.

Delete button

This comes in handy when you want to remove mails that are no longer useful or when you want to free some space when it is depleted. The conventional way of deleting mails is by selecting the email by checking the box next to the email and clicking delete. This will send the mails in the trash folder. To delete these permanently click on the trash folder and select delete as well.

Keyboard shortcuts

Gmail enables one to use keyboard shortcuts to perform quick actions. The most common shortcuts are shown below.

Control + Enter: This is used to send mail after it is composed

Control + Shift+ C: This is used to add Cc recipients

Control + Shift + B: Used to ad Bcc recipients

Shift + ESC: This is used to dif focus to the main window