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The Actions Tool Bar

What is the action toolbar?

The actions tool bar is found above the messages just below the search text box. This tool bar contains various buttons that allow the users to perform quick functions on messages. These functions range from selecting, deleting, marking to archiving.

Uses of the buttons on the Action tool bar

When a user has not selected or opened a message the action toolbar only contains 3 buttons which include:

1. Select

This button is used to select messages. When checked all the messages in the mailbox are selected and un-checking it deselects all selected messages. This button provides the options of selecting all messages, all read or unread messages, all starred or un-starred messages. These options are accessed by clicking the dropdown list beside the select checkbox.

2. Refresh

This button is used to check for new mail when the user has been logged on for some time.

3. More

The More Button provides the options of marking all the messages as read when there is no message open.

When a user has selected or opened a message the following buttons are displayed on the action toolbar.

1. Select

In this context the select button still provides the same options provided when no message is selected or opened.

2. Archive

This button is used to remove the emails from your inbox but stores them for future reference.

3. Mark as Spam

This button is used to report spam messages in case where the spam filters fails to work. Clicking this button when you select a message quickly marks it as spam.

4. Delete

This button is used to move the selected message(s) to the trash can. Messages in the trash can are automatically deleted after 30 days or they can be deleted by selecting empty trash now.

5. Move to

This button is used to move messages from your inbox to a certain folder for easy organisation. For example messages concerning a certain subject can be moved and stored in one folder for easy access.

6. Label

This button allows you to organise messages into categories. This feature works in a similar way to Folders but it has more advanced features like allowing one to add more than one label to a message.

7 Move button

When a message is selected the More Button provides a number of options listed below:

  • a) Mark messages as Unread
  • b) Mark as Important
  • c) Add to tasks
  • d) Add star
  • e) Filter messages
  • f) Mute